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  Dog Boarding

$20 per night (you provide food)

$25 per night (we provide food)

Cat Boarding

$15 per night

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Payment is due at time of pickup. 

Pickup after 12pm will be charged for an additional day.

We guarantee that dogs will be walked and have play-times at minimum three times a day and get fed twice a day. We have a ventilation system that keeps the air clean and separate from our sick or new intake dogs.

We provide toys, beds, treats, can give medications and strive to meet the requirements for pet owners who are leaving their fur babies in our care.


For DOGS we require current rabies vaccine, bordetella (kennel cough) and a yearly 5 way vaccine.

For CATS we require up to date vaccines known as a yearly 5 or 6 way vaccine and current rabies vaccines.

Proof of these vaccines must be provided by a licensed veterinarian.

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